Memorial Day Pool Party Wireless Success

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Memorial Day Pool Party Wireless Success

Last year Boulder Country Club was looking for an upgrade to their wireless solution.  The old system provided signal coverage but would overload and stop working during large events.   The two primary areas of concern were the indoor dining hall and the outdoor pool area, both of which could have up to about 500 people.

JP Schwartz has success supporting high density wireless installations in schools with Ruckus Wireless hardware, so we decided to use the same system to meet the Clubs needs.  We deployed about 12 access points in total, to ensure strong coverage on both 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz frequencies.  By using gigabit connections to the access points we are able to ensure the wired network support the traffic load.  We then programmed a private Club network and Guest network for security and bandwidth control.

While the network was installed almost a month ago, today’s Memorial Day pool party is the first outdoor event that really loaded the wireless.  We are glad to report that while many people were on the outdoor network, there were no problems allowing everyone to enjoy the food, sun, and fun.  JP Schwartz was the only one thinking about the wireless.


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