Small Business Umbrella Bundle

Small Business Protection for your Computer Systems

 Umbrella Bundle for Small Business

“Relax I.T.’s Covered”

  • Easy
  • Secure
  • Dependable
  • Confident 

Package Benefits

Our small business Umbrella Bundle allows you to operate knowing that your computer systems are running as they should be.  This minimizes downtime, prevents security breaches, protects data, and completes many of the compliance requirements for various industries.  This allows you to protect your customers, your data, your budget, and your business from unnecessary risk.  These products and services are all bundled together because they work together to meet the base requirements of any small business using PC’s as part of their operation.  

  • Ticketing System

Small Business customers and EdTech Fusion can centrally view, track, and edit both automatically detected and employee reported support issues for their company.

  • Antivirus

Protects systems from poor performance, work interruptions, and most importantly security breaches from viruses, worms, trojans, malware, and ransomware.  Should your computer get infected we remove the infection at no additional expense to you.

  • Spam Filtering

Provides three layers of protection.  Blocks the majority of unwanted junk email, checks incoming email for security risks, and filters outgoing email to prevent your company from getting reported as a source of spam.  In this way it ensures that email to and from your company is delivered quickly and cleanly.

  • Web Filtering

We use a DNS based filtering solution that protects your employees from known security risks while online.  This also blocks known infections from being able to call home from your system out to the internet.

  • Firewall

The firewall we send to you denies all unapproved access from the internet to your computers.  We also configure a default deny rule for outbound traffic.  We allow specific access for your web and email traffic, along with other needed services, but prevent your computers from randomly connecting to any system online.  This improves security considerably.  We also have the ability to allow secure remote access to your systems, isolate a guest network, or allow for failover to a backup internet connection.

  • Switch

The managed gigabit switch we also send you allows us to see network performance, to segment your network as needed, and to get some basic error reporting and correction tools to manage traffic between your computers internally.  In this way we are able to improve security and troubleshoot or correct problems between the systems on your network.

  • Remote Maintenance and Monitoring

Our software agent allows automatic reporting of problems and will create support tickets.  It provides the inventory of hardware and software assets that are needed for repairs and reports.  It provides automation of problem resolutions, patching, cleaning of temporary files, software installation, and ensures that the rest of our systems are functioning properly.  This system also allows us to work remotely with you as needed to provide quick and easy support.  Most of the time we can simply consult reported information to solve a problem rather than tying up your time and screen.  In short, this system glues all the parts together and makes ensuring delivery of our services possible.

  • 3rd Party Patching

This allows us to proactively update many Java, Apple, and Adobe products most business use, in addition to the Microsoft operating systems and Office products so that your systems do not contain bugs or security holes that have already been fixed by the manufacturers.

  • Best Practices Configurations

In many cases your computer is capable running more smoothly and securely by using features built into the Windows system.  They need to be turned on and configured properly to be of use.  We do this for you so that you are able to take advantage of what you have already purchased.  In general, the IT community has documented what works and what does not work.  This is where we apply known solutions and preventative settings to your systems so that they run well.

  • Backup

This allows us to protect the data that is critical to you for continued business operations.  First and foremost we look to prevent problems, but if problems do happen this is the safety net.  While a system may need to be rebuilt and software may need to be reloaded you cannot get your data back from a store.

  • Yearly Review

This is where we provide our suggestions for your overall system.  This includes replacement of aging systems, budgets for renewal costs, review of licensing requirements, solution proposals for performance bottlenecks, how to proceed with company growth, and opportunities for you to make improvements to your system or to avoid expenses.  We also provide information for anything we see as possibly impacting your technology budget over the next year.

  • Expiration Tracking

Provides you with advanced notice for expirations so that your software, hardware, and services may be renewed, replaced, or retired with time to plan and budget.  This also prevents gaps in service or protection for your systems.

  • Guarantee

Allows you to have a 100% hassle free guarantee of satisfaction – if you aren’t satisfied you simply put in writing why  and what you feel is a fair adjustment to your invoice, that’s it.  We encourage our small business customers to let us know how we can improve and in doing so we collect information that we use to continually improve our product offering.

  • ACH discount

Provides a 3% savings to you over using a Credit Card for payments.

  • Support

We fully support all of the products delivered through our Umbrella Bundle for Small Business as part of the included monthly fee.  We do this in the 8×5 business hours for your time zone.  Through the ticketing system you may also request user level support or network level support at hourly rates.  After hours escalation of covered support items are also covered at an additional hourly rate.