Will Richardson: Personal Learning Networks and Summer Learning

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Will Richardson: Personal Learning Networks and Summer Learning

Boulder Valley School District lets out for the summer tomorrow.  This means I will have my 8 year old, Nathan, at home.  In between the camping and time with grandparents I’d like to do some work on his learning processes.  I tend to focus on life skills and personal growth in the summer.  He enjoys the extra independence, and I like having a somewhat more mature child.

Some of what I will be looking to accomplish is putting into practice the ideas from Personal Learning Networks by Will Richardson.  Both Cindi, my wife, and I naturally build Personal Learning Networks in our professional lives.  This recent website launch is intentionally designed to allow my company’s learning network to grow through comments and guest posts.  Cindi collaborates globally for her science publications.  It is time to be more deliberate about this practice in areas of personal interest and our building these skills with Nathan.  As with all children, he deserves to have the skills and equipment needed to enjoy safe access to the world’s information, teachers, and opportunities so that he may have a fulfilled and more meaningful life.

What plans do you have to change the way you learn this summer?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni75vIE4vdk]


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